do you love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils ?

take a little time then, but watch out as ideas can grow.
  most of the best ideas come up in unexpected moments, at moments you donīt await them at all or even when the pencil is missing

so did our idea which we introduce on these pages, suddenly it turned up at the canadian west coast.
where the bays and beaches are covered with tons of driftwood, we walked around, astonished about the shapes and sizesof the logs and pieces
we discovered big and small objects, polished by curl and seawater
every piece an art by itself birds, dolphins,a fish, a penguin,
our phantasie already started to convert them into furnitures
a bed, a doorframe, tables and chairs
ideas of whole interior designs grew into reality
we came back, brought the wood with us

and the idea to integrate these shapes and colours
to build different interiors and furnitures against the common style,
the exact and straight to let the material become natural design.



the idea changed our way of cabinetmaking, our skills and our art
it became possible to put driftwood -even stones- into work
where until now glass, steel or plastics were used
and still will be made use of .
now there arise individual and characteristic
furnitures and objects
functional and in graceful design.on the next pages we show you a selection of how the idea changed us


  well as a collection of “normal interior” which we –of course- also still produce.


be prepared
for the unexpected !