the wood
materialstore      have a look in our „materialstore“
there might be a piece that inspires you
for your „furniture dream“
we normally work with every species of wood, but for our
objects and „phantasy furnitures“ we only use the wood of
the red and yellow cedar.
you should be able to smell it by looking at these photos,
- get your pencil sharpened -
   out of sweetwater – lakes and rivers
from sandy beaches and sheltered bays
the wood is more playful,
sometimes even filigree in its shapes, the surfaces are smooth and polished,
the colours more brilliant.
we realized and collected you will find and realize -
- what we stored and dried for a long time
what we worked up
and made be part of something very new,
   what is been left and accented in its own natural form,
appears as a new object.